Computer Repairs Acacia Ridge

Computer Repairs Acacia Ridge

Looking for top computer repairs in Acacia Ridge in Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place! We offer a number of computer services at the cheapest rates.

Whether you need someone to repair your computer or you just need computer assistance and support, we are here to help!

Desktop Repair and Maintenance

Whether it’s a home personal computer or a work computer, we can provide every kind of tech support and IT repair for you! We assure you that our technicians are the best when it comes to how to fix a computer as well as the peripheral devices (printer, keyboard, mouse, etc) that come with it.

Data Recovery

Lost important files on your computer? We can still fix the damage! If you’re having any problems with locating files on your computer, we can provide the tech support you need in order to find and recover any data you’ve lost.

Virus Removal

Unfortunately, virus infections are very real even for computers. We can remove any virus from your PC and even help you protect your computer against any other attacks by installing a virus remover on your computer!

Hardware Servicing

Whether your monitor isn’t working or your keyboard is missing some keys, we can certainly help. We can also provide solutions for more difficult problems such as hard drive failure.

Network Services and Troubleshooting

We can help you set up a wifi connection or a home network. Whether you just need something to be installed or you’re having trouble with your network at home, we will have a computer doctor sent your way!

Cheap Computer Sales

In need of a new computer fast? Get it from us! We sell computers at a cheaper rate than those at the shop. We can also create a custom-built computer for you!

Computer Upgrades

Got a used computer you’re no longer satisfied with? Don’t replace it just yet! Instead of getting a brand new computer, we can upgrade parts of your computer to improve its performance.

Our computer geeks and technicians perform both onsite/home and remote services. Depending on what service you need for your computer, it may also be an option for us to bring your computer to our service centre where we can complete all services overnight. Just give us a call and we will send the technician nearest to you!