Computer Upgrades & Hardware Installation

Computer upgrades and hardware installation are our areas of expertise at North Lakes Computer Repairs. Upgrading your desktop, laptop or Mac with a brand new component is a great way to boost its performance and reliability. If you feel like your computer could use a refreshment, don’t hesitate to consult out experts for potential upgrade options.

Why trust us?

Computer upgrades can seem as easy as buying a new part at a computer part at a computer store and plugging it in. Unfortunately, in reality there is more to installing hardware than that.

If you aren’t as experienced in computer upgrades as our technicians, you are risking permanently damaging your computer and your data in the process.

This is why we recommend that you trust us with computer upgrades and hardware installation. Our team of Microsoft Certified technicians can install any new part you have already purchased into your computer or laptop safely and securely. Alternatively, we can advise you whether you need a hardware upgrade in the first place. If you do, we can provide different options for the upgrade and perform the necessary installation.

Here’s what the computer upgrade process consists of:

  • Installing hardware components. Our technicians will install any parts that you wish to be installed. We can work with the parts you already have on hand, or help you purchase new ones.
  • Configuring the drivers for the new components. To function properly, all new hardware components require specific drivers. Drivers are computer protocols that operate and control the devices within the computer. Of course, our experts will perform the necessary driver installations.
  • Upgrading your software and operating system. Sometimes new hardware parts can require an upgrade of the operating system to be compatible with your computer. This, too, is something that our technicians can take care of.
  • Testing the computer with new hardware. Finally, our experts with run a diagnostic of your computer to ensure that the newly installed parts are fully operational.

Computer upgrades we offer

CPU Upgrade

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is where most of your PC’s computing power is concentrated. An older or less powerful CPU can not process as much data as newer or more powerful model. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your CPU if your want your computer to have more performance.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Your computer’s operating system, files and software are stored in the Hard Drive. Hard Drives can be limited in their capacity and writing speed. Larger and faster Hard Drives allow you to store more data on your computer that you can access faster.

RAM Upgrade

If the Hard Drive capacity determines how much data you can store, the RAM capacity determines how fast your computer can access this data. Therefore, more RAM will allow your computer to work and load software faster.

Motherboard Upgrade

The heart of your computer is its Motherboard, since it connects and powers all the components: the CPU, the RAM, the Hard Drive. etc. Thus, if you’re considering seriously upgrading your computer, upgrading your Motherboard is almost mandatory. This ensures that all your new components will work smoothly together.

Why should I upgrade?

Computers develop rapidly. In fact, most technologies and hardware components can become outdated in 3-4 years after their release. After this point, they might stop supporting the operating system or the software on your computer as well as they used to. For instance, your computer might start taking much longer to load, or the programs might start working much slower. Upgrading the components of your computer will make sure that your PC stays modern and relevant and will always provide cutting-edge performance.

Moreover, another issue to consider is the natural wear and tear of the hardware components. If you’re using your computer extensively, the constant heat and the workload can take a toll on your hardware. Some components, such as the Hard Drive and the cooling system, also have moving parts in them that wear out over time. Eventually, your hardware might start performing poorly and breaking down, which can make your computer almost unusable. It is important that you pay attention to the behavior and the performance of your computer. This way all the necessary replacements and repairs can be done timely to ensure that your computer stays functional.

What else can I do?

Here are some tips from our experts on how to make sure that your computer stays functional without upgrades for as long as possible:

    • Purchase a computer of a reputable brand. Computers from well-known manufacturers might be pricier than the ones from small, obscure companies. However, at the same time they tend to be build much better with higher quality components. As a result, they can serve you longer without causing troubles.
    • Buy the best characteristics you can afford. The more powerful and high-quality your computer is at the time of the purchase, the longer it will stay relevant and smooth without any upgrades.
    • Handle your computer with care. Try to avoid causing physical damage to your computer, since it cause the internal components of it to break.
  • Always pay attention to how your computer behaves. If your computer stops working as well as it used to, becomes slower or starts making strange noises, it is best to consult a professional as fast as possible to solve any issues your computer might have.
Unfortunately, even if you follow the necessary precautions, some software or hardware problems can occur on your computer nevertheless.

This is why North Lakes Computer Repairs is always there for you. We can help you resolve any problems with your laptop or desktop quickly and reliably.

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