File Recovery

One of the services we provide at North Lakes Computer Repairs is file recovery. If for some reason you have lost the access to your personal files, our experts can help you retrieve them.

Why can’t I access my files?

Have you ever had the problem where you cannot find your data on your computer, even if you’re pretty sure that you had not deleted it?

Believe it or not, this is a common problem. Sometimes, your files can become corrupted, damaged or formatted in a way that they become inaccessible. When this happen, you need to perform a file recovery procedure which retrieves your data from the storage devices of your computer (Hard Drive, Flash Drive, CD, etc.)

This can be a tricky process. This is why we recommend that you trust our team of qualified experts to perform the file recovery, so that you can once again fully access your data safely.

How do my files get lost?

You data can become inaccessible due to several reasons. Each reason is different in a way that it requires a specific approach to the file recovery process.

    1. Files are lost due to the operating system failure or errors or accidental damage to the files.
    1. Data recovery is required due to storage device failure in order not to lose the files permanently.
  1. Files are accidentally deleted by the user from the storage device, but can still be retrieved by professionals.

Whatever the exact reason for your problems with data access is, our experts can easily determine it and find the right approach to it. After they perform the file recovery, you will be able to access your data once again as if nothing ever happened to it.

Hard Drive issues

Perhaps the most common cause of your data getting lost is the failure of the Hard Drive of your computer. The Hard Drive is the component which stores all your data and software, such as your operating system, your programs and your personal files.

Hard Drives tend to start malfunctioning over time. This is because they actually have a lot of moving components in them, that are subjected to the natural wear and tear and, sometimes, physical damage.

Here are some of the warning signs that can indicate that your Hard Drive may be breaking down:

    • Clicking noises
    • Scratching noises
    • Beeping
    • System errors related to the Hard Drive
  • Troubles with opening programs and files

If you notice any of those symptoms, we highly recommend that you contact us immediately. The more damaged your Hard Disk becomes, the more difficult the file recovery will be.

It is important that you don’t try to repair, replace or disassemble your Hard Drive yourself, since you might accidentally cause irreversible damage to it and lose your data forever.

Instead, we suggest that you contact us if you’re having any problems with accessing your data. Our experts will always try to perform the file recovery as fast as possible and advise you on how to avoid losing your data in the future.

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