Internet Security

Internet is arguably one of the greatest inventions of humanity. But just as many of those inventions, it can do much harm when people use it carelessly. This is why the first thing that the Internet users must always consider before going online is Internet Security.

Of course, setting up a secure Internet connection can be complicated for an average user. This is why there are experts like us at North Lakes Computer Repairs. Whether you’re a residence or a business, we can help you with all your Internet Security concerns. Contact us and we will make sure that you always stay safe on the Internet.

What we do to ensure Internet Security for our clients

There are a few essential things we do to protect your personal data, files and communications online from theft and unauthorized access. Here are some of them:

  • Setting up a secure wireless network (Wi-Fi).

We can set up your Wi-Fi with a unique network name and security key to prevent unathorized access.

  • Configuring your computer’s network settings for maximum safety online.

It is important to set up your computer correctly in order to make it insusceptible to online threats and hack attempts.

  • Setting up a Virtual Private Network on your computer.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a great technology. It allows multiple computers to interact with each other privately and share data via Internet. In a way as if they were connected within their own private network. It is a great solution for protecting your communications online, that can be useful for both private users and businesses.

  • Making sure your computer is not affected by viruses and malware.

Viruses and malicious software can seriously harm your PC or allow the hackers to steal your personal data. Our team has experience in both removing viruses from computers and taking measures to prevent a computer from ever catching one.

What measures can I take to protect myself on the Internet?

We understand that prevention is the best medicine. So we asked our experts here at North Lakes Computer Repairs for some tips on how to have a safe Internet experience.

  • Always use antivirus protection. We really couldn’t emphasize this advice more. In most cases, a good antivirus protection can keep your computer and data safe and secure. Contact our experts, and they can give you recommendations on antivirus software and assist in installing it.
  • Don’t download files from questionable sources. Many files that come from shady websites can contain worms, trojans and other kinds of malware. Try to abstain from downloading anything from such websites. Otherwise, you will be risking infecting your computer with viruses.
  • Try not to use public Wi-Fi networks. Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks are always a convenience, but they can also be a serious threat. Very often hackers can connect to and infect devices that are connected to the network with viruses or steal personal and financial data off them. If you’re using a public Wi-Fi network, make sure that the settings of your device don’t allow other users to access it. Most importantly, always have your antivirus protection running.
Unfortunately, even if you follow the necessary precautions, some internet security problems can occur nevertheless.

This is why North Lakes Computer Repairs is always there for you – to help you make your network safe and secure.

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