Network Setup

Our team at North Lakes Computer Repairs are experts in network setup for homes and businesses. Don’t hesitate call us and we will cater to your computer needs.

We have over 10 years of experience in setting up computer networks for our private and business clients. In a common network you can share data, documents and files between all computers, connected to the network.

There are two usual options for a shared network: a wireless network and a wired network.

Wireless network

A wireless network or simply Wi-Fi is the fastest and easiest solution for a shared network. It requires an installation of a Wi-Fi router and connecting the computers and other compatible devices to the network. With Wi-Fi you can share files and data across the devices wirelessly. This solution is more suitable for your home, because it is fast, easy and inexpensive to set up.

Wired network

A wired network is the best solution for large spaces, where the Wi-Fi signal can lose its strength, such as an office. A wired network conntects all computers to a single server with LAN cables. This allows to share the files and information much faster, but a setup of such network is usually more time-consuming and more expensive.

Regardless of the type network you wish to set up, here’s what our technicians would usually do when setting up a network in your home or office:

  • Install the necessary network infrastructure. Our technicians will install a Wi-Fi router or the LAN wiring in order to connect your devices.
  • Create shared online locations. Our team can create an online storage, which will contain the files and data you share via the network.
  • Connect other devices to the network. These days, all kinds of devices can be a part of a shared network: printers, TVs, audio systems. Our experts can make sure to connect them all to one network for your maximum convenience.

After your wireless or wired network is ready, you will be able to enjoy a stable access to the internet, as well as sharing files and data across multiple devices.

If you’re considering setting up a wired or a wireless network in your home of office, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our experts at North Lakes Computer Repairs will advise you on the best possible solution for a shared network and set it up in minimal time.

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