Help With Setting Up a New Computer Or Device

Buying a new computer, laptop or peripheral device or  is always exciting. Yet one problem may arise after the purchase. Most new PCs and devices require an initial setup.  If you don’t want to spend time and effort setting up a new computer or device yourself, you can trust our team of experts at North Lakes Computer Repairs to do it for you.

Why trust us?

Our team consists of Microsoft Certified professionals. They are familiar with all kinds and brands of computers and laptops. Moreover, they are experts when it comes to other devices too, such as webcams, printers, scanners and internet routers. Our technicians can solve any problem you might have while setting up your new piece of equipment. We understand that once you purchase a new device, you want to go ahead and start using it as fast as possible. This is why our team will always do their best to perform the necessary setup procedures as quickly and efficiently as they can, for the most reasonable price possible.

Setting Up a New Computer

Contrary to what you might have seen in the movies, getting started with a new computer takes some time. There is more to it than just ripping the box open, firing it up and starting to use it immediately. Usually, an initial setup has to be performed to make a computer or a laptop fully operational. Our team can perform this procedure for you, and this is what they would usually do:

  • Unpack your computer, check the power supply and make sure it turns on and off as it should.
  • Install an operating system and configure it (in case it has not been installed already).
  • Update the system and the hardware drivers.
  • Remove unwanted pre-installed programs that many new computers come with.
  • Configure the internet connection.
  • Install antivirus protection and the essential software.
  • Set up and transfer your personal data and information.

These are the essential steps that our team goes through when setting up a new computer. Of course, depending on your wishes, we can skip either one of them or do something else.

Our goal is to make the purchase of a new computer as stress-free as possible for you. We can guarantee that our technicians will fully tailor your new computer to your needs. 

Device and Peripherals Setup

So you might be done with setting up your new computer or laptop. But then you also purchase a new peripheral device, such as a printer or a scanner. Those devices need to be set up and connected to your computer too. Furthermore, sometimes their setup can be even more complicated.

Luckily for you, our technicians are as experienced in setting up devices and peripherals as they are in setting up computers. They know their way around all kinds and brands of printers, scanners, audio systems, webcams, input devices and more.

We especially know how important it is to have your device set up if you are a business. As business owners, we understand how essential such a simple thing as a printer can be to your operations. This is why we always give priority to our business clients in order to make sure that their computer needs are met.

Whatever the device that has to be connected might be, our experts will always make sure to set it up and configure it properly so that it is fully functional and compatible with your computer.

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