How Can You Handle Computer Freezing?

One of the most frustrating experiences you could have with your PC is when it suddenly becomes slow and unresponsive. It can get annoying and stressful once you are doing some important tasks or work and it succeeds in making your effort and time going down the drain. 

A freezing computer happens all of the time to all users. The main thing is knowing what to do if this similar scenario happens. This content will guide and assist you deal with this issue if it happens later on.


Patience is the Key

Sometimes, the reason behind a freezing computer is when you are doing a task or application that eats a huge amount of memory to the CPU or RAM. What you need to do is relax and wait for at least 5 minutes for it to work again. The freezing will stop once the overall process of your task or application will be completed by the computer. Mind you, this simple solution has been used by a lot of computer users upon encountering a similar freezing problem.


End the Application or Program

When the freezing continues after waiting for a handful of minutes, the next best thing to do is kill the program that causes the freezing of your hardware. You can access the task manager and simply choose to end the program and stop the misery. However, if your task manager is inaccessible, you may have to use the ctrl+shift+esc keys for access. You can also have the old method of using the ctrl + alt + del keys to use the task manager and end the task immediately.


Restart your Computer

If the solutions above will not work, you can have the option to reboot the computer and starts all over again. Now, if you are doing an important task when the computer suddenly hangs up, you can probably still recover that depending on the application you are using. To do the reboot, press and hold the computer’s power button to turn it off and start all over again.


Check for Malware Issues

Using this method is normal when you are dealing with any computer malfunction. There are a lot of anti-malware software available online and you can use one to do the scanning and eliminate the freezing problem. 


Look out for your Computer’s Temperature

A lot of computer users are not aware but overheating is sometimes the cause of a computer’s freezing problem. So it is best for the computer user to also check the monitor of the PC if it freezes while doing some task. The computer user can use temperature monitor applications to do the job while cleaning your computer’s fan regularly to prevent similar situations from happening.


Ask For Professional Assistance

If the solutions above do not solve the freezing issue, it is better to ask for professional assistance to this problem. This solution is probably the most reliable thing that you can do to eradicate the freezing problem completely so that it will not happen again in the future. 

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